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Northwest Endodontic Specialists

5 out of 5 stars based on 586 reviews.

Patient Review By Linda M

This is the very best Dental service I have received since I was 16. I'm 48 now. Let me start when I walked in, I was greeted with a smile,, a wave, and a " hello and welcome to our office" I loved the way each step was explained to me by Dr. David Goerig and his assistance Stephaine kept her hand on my shoulder always reassuring me it's okay. This entire office was smiles and positive energy. Thank you ALL for my wonderful experience.

- Linda M

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Patient Review By Russell B

Wow! At 67 years of age, these were my first 2 root canals. Because of my neglect, I expected extractions. After a completely pain-free experience (root canals) with Dr. Albert Goerig, I still have both of those teeth. Colonel (ret) Dr. Goerig, thank you so much for your skilled work and also the many years of service to our country

- Russell B

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Patient Review By Gerald T

Preface this with "I have always been a DENTAL WEENIE". I cringe at any dental work, based on a traumatic childhood experience and 20 years of military dental care. But my experience yesterday was virtually "comfortable" if there can be such a thing in a dentist's chair! Dr. Behnen and his Assistant Monica put me at ease, took their time, and I kept telling myself to relax, they aren't hurting me! Thanks for a GREAT root canal experience!

- Gerald T

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Patient Review By Jennifer B

I had a root canal. Dr. Goerig and assistant James were excellent with treatment. All of the employees are very friendly and helpful. It's a great interactive team of employees whom care about their patients! This is a very professional business operation! Thank you for everything! Kudos to you all!!!

- Jennifer B

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Patient Review By Kevin T

super friendly people working here, they were all great. Dr. Behnen was great. Said I would feel no pain and he was right!!! I will recommend to other for sure.

- Kevin T

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Patient Review By Crystal A

Quick painless root canal.

- Crystal A

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Patient Review By Jeanne S

Wonderful. Walked in scared, turned out no reason for that at ALL!!!

- Jeanne S

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Patient Review By DeeAnn L

I called early morning to make an appointment they got me in by 3:30 in the afternoon procedure was done by 5:15 staff doctor and assistant extremely professional. No pain very quick procedure. What I thought was going to be a long tedious procedure possibly two appointments maybe three was nothing. I did a 3-mile run afterwards. Saff called me the next day to make sure everything was going well.

- DeeAnn L

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Patient Review By Cathy D

I was so nervous when I went for my first root canal, but it was a great experience! He has a larger than life personality, I didn't think having a root canal would actually be fun, but it was. Dr. Goering was so funny and he made sure nothing hurt and he is so good at what he does it was done in no time! Stacey, his assistant for my procedure was wonderful too. I highly recommend them if you need a root canal.

- Cathy D

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Patient Review By Caroline B

Dr Goerig was recommended to me by my primary care dentist. I needed a root canal. When your own doctor has Dr Goerig do his root canal, you know you can trust the work. Can you say your dental experiences were pleasant? You can here. From office staff that warmly greet you, to the dental assistant who treats you special, and the dentist who has a sense of humor that immediately puts you at ease, you know you are in the right place for your care.

- Caroline B

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Patient Review By Lee A

Great Dr. Great assistant Great team

- Lee A

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Patient Review By Cassandra H

I had such a great experience with every person I encountered at my appointment. Everyone was kind, considerate, and helpful. Dr. Goerig was efficient and had an amazing bedside manner. I really appreciate the care that I received here and will definitely seek treatment here again if necessary.

- Cassandra H

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Patient Review By Nancy L

I was in pain before coming in for a root canal and of course not knowing what to expect I was a bit nervous. The entire staff was like a warm blanket, very genuine and had my best interest at heart. I felt very cared for every step of the process, which was much faster than any expectation I had. I would highly recommend this office if you have need of an endodontic specialist. Dr. Albert Goerig is a very light hearted and funny will be so happy you came!!

- Nancy L

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Patient Review By Terry C

Very friendly and great service would highly recommend

- Terry C

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Patient Review By Lisa E

This team is exceptional. They understand that patients may be anxious, so they go above and beyond to provide a calming atmosphere full of kind professionals.

- Lisa E

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Patient Review By Kelly C

Best dental experience I ever had! Every single staff member has a wonderful energetic attitude that put me at ease.

- Kelly C

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Patient Review By Noah L

Very quick and painless. Very nice staff, who always have great attitudes and exceptional customer service. I've never felt anything but positivity here, both in person and over the phone. Nice to hear everyone laughing and listening to great oldies. Thanks guys!

- Noah L

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Patient Review By Franchesca W

Best dental experience I've had. I was very nervous getting a root canal while pregnant but it was so quick and painless. I want to give a shout out to Jimmy the assistant as well, his friendly informative demeanor really put me at ease. And Dr. Albert Goerig was phenomenal!!

- Franchesca W

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Patient Review By Issaia H

Everyone was nice and welcoming. Dr that did procedure was to-the-point and gentle. Dental assistant girl was nice and professional too (and pretty). Hope I don’t have to come back but I will if needed.

- Issaia H

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Patient Review By Faith H

Monica and Dr. Goerig were very professional and had the root canal done very fast. I had a good experience. I was nervous but they put me at ease.

- Faith H

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