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Northwest Endodontic Specialists

5 out of 5 stars based on 586 reviews.

Patient Review By Elizabeth H

The office was spotless, the staff pleasant & helpful but Monica & Dr Goerig were amazing, they put you @ ease immediately & performed the procedure quickly, & with confidence. One of the nicest dental/endodontics offices I have ever been to.

- Elizabeth H

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Patient Review By Stephanie E

Sent to you from OYGM and was treated with the most caring treatment. Staff was absolutely amazing to me, and there is no way I can share just how greatful I am to have been sent to your office 🙂

- Stephanie E

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Patient Review By Melody K

This is definitely a 10 star clinic in all matters to include cleanliness. I have had many root canals, many dentists in my 73 years and from all over the US and this one is the best by far. Since July I have had three root canals with Dr Albert Goerig. He is wonderful. His helpmate Autumn is the best too. My fear of dentists has all but disappeared with this Dr and his staff. Kind, painless, faster than you can possibly imagine and you are on your way feeling wonderful. Helping you is all of the staffs main concern. GREAT!

- Melody K

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Patient Review By Aimee G

Dr.Albert Georig is the best! Ive been to many different dentist/endodontist and he is by far the fastest....kindest.....funniest and nicest I have ever had.....I wish he could do all of my work I need done.....He is very quick and efficient and is the only person I feel safe with.. ..thank you Dr. GOERIG.....GREAT ASSISTANT Monica

- Aimee G

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Patient Review By Lori T

Dr Goerig is a very gentile natured man. Between him and his assistant Hannah I had an amazing experience. Hannah helped me to get comfortable right away. She was aware of my extreme fears and did everything she could possibly do to ease them. Dr Goerig has an amazing gentle nature that helped to ease me. I had the ability to listen to my headphones and use the nitrous and I am feeling great! I even went back to work after my root canal.

- Lori T

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Patient Review By Dorothy B

Dr. Albert Goerig did my root canal and saved my tooth when no one else would work on me because I am 100 years old. Even though the tooth was somewhat complicated, Dr Goerig and his assistant James were quick and had me out in no time ....without any problems. The staff even called me the next day to check on how I was doing! Fantastic dentist and staff!

- Dorothy B

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Patient Review By Peggy E

Meredith and Jesica were so helpful getting me all set up for my appointment and treatment. James did an excellent job too! I would highly recommend Dr. Goerig, because his great sense of humor and overall caring made me feel less anxious about having the two root canals that I needed. I appreciated how quickly my dental issue was resolved, thank you to everyone!

- Peggy E

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Patient Review By Karen S

I had a root canal done by Dr. Albert Goerig several months ago. Sunday a friend of mine called saying she needed 2 root canals. She is new to the area and asked me for a recommendation because both teeth were really hurting. I of course recommended she call Dr. Goerig's office. She called and was seen the same day. Dr. Albert completed both root canals that day. She texted me that day and thanked me for recommending the office. She said Dr. Goerig was a great guy. I also heard from her the next day saying she felt great, and the pain was gone. I am so happy my friend was so well taken care of. I love having such a wonderful place to send the people I care for. Thank you again everyone at NW Endo!!!!!

- Karen S

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Patient Review By Karen S

My visit with Dr. Albert Goerig was the best dental visit I have ever had. I was pretty anxious. I was talking to assistant, Autumn, about my fears. She was compassionate reassuring and very supportive. Dr. Goerig was also very comforting and incredibly funny. In about 2 minutes I was completely relaxed and laughing. It was obvious that every person there cared not only about my dental care, but about me as a person. Such superior service is difficult to find, and in an already stressful situation the compassion and care is invaluable. You cannot put a price on that.

- Karen S

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Patient Review By Dana K

I was a tough patient to get numb due to multiple issues (meds for high BP and a sick tooth that was not visible on x-ray).....Dr. Goerig and his assistant Autumn were very patient with me and got the job done. I would recommend this practice to others in the future.

- Dana K

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Patient Review By Sonya H

I had a tooth damaged when I received a severe concussion. My regular dentist referred me to this office and I was seen by Dr. David Goerig. As might be understandable, I was quite nervous initially; not only due to the pain but I also have some good sized dental phobias. Dr. Goerig quickly put my fears to rest with his gentle manner and really listening as I explained my pain and what had happened. He was very good to explain what each step would be and what I might expect. I absolutely could not have been more pleased with this experience and would recommend this office with out reservation!

- Sonya H

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Patient Review By Bob Braden

Dr. Albert Goerig is probably the best endodontic specialist in the Puget Sound!!!

- Bob Braden

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Patient Review By Jennifer K

In al of my 46 years, I have never had any mouth issues, until this week. The professionals at NW endo, listened to me and was able to identify the problem. When he said root canal I was a little nervous, but little did I know, it would turn out to be one of the best dental experiences ever. Dr. Behnen fixed me right up and I left there pain free! Thank you for your care and attention. I highly recommend this establishment to anyone facing a root canal. They are the best you can get!

- Jennifer K

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Patient Review By Ilene S

My dentist's office scheduled my appointment with NW Endodontics for a dental emergency while my regular dentist was out. I received the kindest, most efficient and excellent care from Dr Goerig. The entire staff was helpful and friendly, and the office is run with impressive efficiciency. I left amazed at the quality and professionalism I received at a time when I was feeling very vulnerable. This office deserves my highest recommendation.

- Ilene S

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Patient Review By lynn galarza g

competent, and reassuring, friendly

- lynn galarza g

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Patient Review By John B

WOW, I'm very impressed! This was my first visit and I was very impressed with the friendly, professional staff and Doctor. All were very nice and accommodating to my questions, concerns and needs. My exam was quick and the needed root canal was offered immediately! I thought I would have to make a second appointment to come back days or weeks later... Not So! I was having intense and prolonged headache pain so I was very pleased to have undergone "same day" treatment. I will most definitely refer anyone I know that needs this type of treatment to this office without any reservations! You could not ask or hope for any better staff and environment than this... period. Very impressed! Very pleased! 3/24/2016

- John B

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Patient Review By Hannelore G

Finally I must admit even though I am writing this for my wife, she was very pleased with the end result. And I must say, if my wife is happy then I am very happy.

- Hannelore G

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Patient Review By David Clauson C

Everyone from the front desk to the dental staff and doctor were what every dental office should be. The waiting time was almost nonexistant . The equipment was very modern, the rooms were very clean and well equipt. The working relationship between dental assistant and the doctor was what every patient would like it to be. I felt very well cared for and I have great faith that the doctor and his dental assistant were there for me and my good dental health. I highly recommend Northwest Endodontic Specialists to anyone who needs this type of service.

- David Clauson C

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Patient Review By Jerold D

I arrived in pain because of a severe and throbbing tooth that was to have a root canal procedure. The procedure was very professionally conducted with room and time allowed for me to adjust to the tools and instruments used in the mouth. There were also several xrays taken which indicate a thorough, detail-oriented, proof is positive evolutionary procedure. (For the record I had worries since my understanding of root canal surgery was based initially on what I witnessed 40 years earlier to a sibling. Back then the words root canal conjured up many fears. Now I fully understand how technically advanced it truly is.) Thank you for relieving my pain and allowing me to continue to heal so I can get my much-needed crown put on!

- Jerold D

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Patient Review By Tamara Williams

I had a complex root canal procedure but Dr. David and his professional team allowed me, through their skill, warm professionalism, grace and timeliness, to experience a journey of exceptionalism in their care. Thanks again to all!

- Tamara Williams

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