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Northwest Endodontic Specialists

5 out of 5 stars based on 586 reviews.

Patient Review By Joe S

amazing team. Dr. D.goerig and assistant Autumn were above and beyond excellent. my severe fear of dental procedure was like it wasn't there at all the way they treated me with calm,gental and easing me into relaxing and pain free experience throughout the whole procedure. If I ever get root canal(s) done in the future I will definitely go here.

- Joe S

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Patient Review By Brandy K


- Brandy K

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Patient Review By Jacob H

I have never had a dentist appointment or root canal where i got in so fast after i checked in. I got my root canal and paid and was out of the door within under an hour. I was amazed at how well, how fast, and how pain free this was.

- Jacob H

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Patient Review By Chris B

Let me start off by saying that in the past I have always done my best to avoid the Dentist at all costs. I had a problem with my 30 year old bridge and my dentist in Chehalis referred me to Dr. David.Goerig to have a root canal on a rear tooth. I was in such pain before the procedure and I can't tell you how much better I felt after having it done. The staff and Dr. Goerig were very kind and gentle. They also made the experience much better than I could have ever hoped for. Great experience. Chris

- Chris B

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Patient Review By peggy j

I went to this office to have a Root Canal done and i am someone who has anxiety and going to have something like this done gets me all wound up. I want to say that i have never been treated so well and the staff and Dr Goerig were EXCELLENT . The Dr is very funny makes you feel very comfortable right away along with his assistant who never left my side. He did an Excellent job on my tooth even as of tonight my mouth is not sore you would not even know i had a Root Canal done today. When i left there i went right back to work. This is a fantastic Dr and if i have to have one of these done again i will never go anywhere else. I recommend this place to everyone. Great Job i am so impressed. Thank you Dr Goerig and your staff. No anxiety here. Job well done. I also might add that the receptionist were very kind helpful .I cannot say enough great things about this place. Thank You Peggy

- peggy j

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Patient Review By Sharon H.

I liked Dr. Goerig very much and his assistant Autumn – they were so nice and I was very relaxed – I never felt pressure at all to fix something that was not hurting at the time of the visit – until I have another incident we will just leave things alone, then my instructions are to call him right away to schedule an appointment. He was very informative regarding what could be going on and I totally trust his judgment. Very satisfied with my visit – on a rating of 1-5 he was a 5!

- Sharon H.

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