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Northwest Endodontic Specialists

5 out of 5 stars based on 586 reviews.

Patient Review By Rachel W

Relaxing atmosphere, friendly staff, and doc with a great sense of humor. Was in and out before I knew it. Best dental visit ever!

- Rachel W

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Patient Review By Wes A

Dr. Michael Behnen and his assistant Kabrena made my hesitant journey an unwarranted worry. I appreciate their matter of fact approach and kindness in treatment. It was one of the most efficient visits I have ever had to a dental practice while addressing my worries and trepidations. I would recommend their practice to anyone in need of dental evaluation and treatment.

- Wes A

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Patient Review By April F

I can't believe i woke up the morning after my procedure in absolutely no pain, and was finally able to eat and drink hot and cold!!!! I am super amazed and impressed!!!

- April F

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Patient Review By Jim R

Office staff is very professional, but warm and caring. Dr. Behnen explained steps of the procedure as we went along, the results have been great! Also, Catherine was extremely gracious and upbeat, which is a wonderful tone to set when one is facing a significant medical issue.

- Jim R

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Patient Review By kay r

I had the pleasure of having dr. david goerig work on my tooth . an angel from heaven he is. dr. and his staff work so well together and helping me. because of covid19 I was not able to have my crown finished so my tooth got infected. for 2 weeks I I had unbelievable pain until dr. g. took me in on emergency. I have never had such good service and help. awesome job.

- kay r

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Patient Review By Chloe R

I am Thankful that my regular dentist recommended your office!! I was very scared to have my first root canal! The ease of scheduling began to lower my anxiety level. The easy to find office lowered the level even more. The website with All of the info. I needed to know about your office, the team and my procedure lowered my anxiety level by 50%. The welcoming woman behind the desk was extremely helpful and reassuring. I had an insurance problem. She did some quick research for me and was able to give me an accurate payment amount. The dental assistant that was assigned to me was so reassuring and talked me through all of the prep for the actual procedure. She basically took away most all of my remaining anxiety- Thank-You Autumn! When DR. Albert Goerig came in, he put me totally at ease with his sense of humor and confidence with the procedure,Thank-You! It was pain free,quick and I enjoyed the jokes. I have even told a couple of them to my Dad.I was done before I knew it! In and out of the office in about an hour and a half.Everyone reassured me that I would be just fine. My recovery was basically quick and painless! Hopefully no more root canals for me, but if I ever need another one I will return.Plus I now know where to send people if they unfortunately need one 🙂

- Chloe R

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Patient Review By james boling jr

this group is great....David and the Dental assistant was great ....Kabrena was very good...................this place is top from front desk to the doctor..thanks

- james boling jr

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Patient Review By margaret b

Great experience. Compassionate and professional.

- margaret b

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Patient Review By Jonathan F

Incredible service and compassion. I was terrified to go have another root canal done and expressed my anxiety to Katherine and Dr. Goerig. They both helped me relax with friendly conversation and then numbed me thoroughly. I never felt any pain during the procedure and I couldn't be happier. Thank you so much!

- Jonathan F

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Patient Review By Mary R

Excellent care, super friendly office staff, Stephanie was awesome, very friendly and reassuring. Dr. Goerig exudes competence!

- Mary R

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Patient Review By Cindy L

Friendly staff I like having a dr. that explains the procedure and tat is what I got from dr. Behnen. clean environment.

- Cindy L

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Patient Review By Michelle G

I found out I needed a root canal 1.5 hours ago. I cried on my way over to Dr Goerig and was so nervous. Here I am 1.5 hours writing this review. From the time I walked in the door and talked to the front desk staff, to the dental assistant and finally Dr Goerig himself they made me feel comfortable and eased my way through this experience. I cannot thank the entire staff enough! I hope I won't be back but if I ever need a specialist again this is where I am coming.

- Michelle G

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Patient Review By joe p


- joe p

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Patient Review By Ruth L

IT WAS THE BEST DENTAL EXPERIENCE IVE EVER HAD:) I am someone who fears the dentist, my mouth seems to be extra sensitive, and it’s always been difficult for the numbing stuff to completely work on me... so I am always tense and in fear of sudden jolts of pain while the dentist is drilling... When I entered this office, it was a very nice and relaxing waiting area... (and I was also impressed with the really nice restroom they have:)) The staff at the counter was very busy, but still friendly with smiles. (After my visit was over and I was on my way out, the office staff was super kind and got me copies of my records when I requested them, even tho they were SO busy!) When it was my turn to see the dentist, I remember the woman who came to get me was very sweet and apologized for the bit of a wait I had... and when I got to the chair I explained how much of a baby I was about the dentist, and was surprised how much she seemed to care... from then on she kept warmly checking to see if I was ok, while always communicating with me to let me know what was going on... she also was a little nervous because she was new:) She was the kindest dental assistant and I appreciated her very much! When Dr. Goerig came in, he immediately made me laugh and put me at ease... He was kind and helped me thru the whole experience by being attentive to how I was feeling, and his sense of humor and little jokes here and there made it fun for me. I was very impressed how he seemed to be so genuinely caring when I would think he would be desensitized to dealing with patients’ issues after being a dentist for so many years! I think he said he’d been doing this for 50 years! When I asked him about it, he explained how being kind and compassionate to each individual is a priority and is a requirement for him to feel successful at what he does... I appreciate that outlook so much, and I actually would look forward to going to this Endodontic office again in the future! Last but not least! THERE WAS NO PAIN! Even after I explained I needed to use a different type of numbing solution than what they usually use... I was completely shocked that there was never any pain... he numbed me perfectly on his first try! Thank you so much to Dr. Goerig and his crew!!! And I’m very sorry for taking so long to write this review! Thank you again

- Ruth L

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Patient Review By Joe H

I have had extensive dental work over my 70 plus years at many different dental offices. My experience with Dr. David Goering tops them all ! The entire stall at Northwest Endodonties were pleasure to deal with. The extensive testing of my issue determined that I did not need the work referred by my local dentist. They will not do unnecessary work!

- Joe H

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Patient Review By Donald H

Nobody wants to have a root canal procedure, but if you have to, Dr. Goerig is the one you want to do it. He is fast and deliberate, so the experience is short, but yet he he is accurate and produces excellent results. Plus, he provides hilarious entertainment as he works. I walked in dreading what I thought was about to come. I left feeling like I had made new friends who actually cared about me. Professionalism at it's best!

- Donald H

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Patient Review By KIM s

My experience with Northwest Endodontic clinic was fantastic. I have always had issues with pain with dental procedures. I'm pleased to say they made it pain free. I actually felt no pain. They were professional but also put me at ease. I would recommend coming here as I have a renewed faith in getting dental work done. Everyone was friendly from the people at the desk to Autumn, James and Dr Goerig. I will definitely come back for any future dental work that I need. Thank you so much!!

- KIM s

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Patient Review By Deborah A

I was so pleased and impressed with the integrity, efficiency and skills of Dr. Behnen and his staff. I appreciated that everything happening was explained clearly and they were very attentive to my needs, making sure I was comfortable and relaxed in body and mind. The office staff is friendly and efficient as well. I feel very fortunate to be cared for by Dr. Behnen and this practice!

- Deborah A

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Patient Review By Diana T

Dr.Behnen was so kind and assured me my root canal was indeed ok a nond I needed a little bit of help in a simple,easy to understand way!!!These doctors treat us with such caring,unlike some professionals .....All of the assistants and office staff are great too !!!!

- Diana T

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Patient Review By Paul k

Quick and easy. Totally stress and anxiety free procedure.

- Paul k

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