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What is root canal treatment?

The inner part of your tooth contains pulp, comprised of nerves and blood vessels, that fills the root canals of your inner teeth. The pulp can become infected due to tooth decay, fracture or trauma. During root canal therapy, we remove the damaged pulp, clean the root canal system and seal it. This process saves the natural tooth and allows you to avoid a bridge, bone graft and dental implant.

Comfortable, Pain-Free Root Canal Care

These days, root canal treatment is comfortable and pain-free. The tooth is numb for the entire procedure (and some hours after), and any discomfort after the procedure is typically well controlled with over-the-counter pain medications. Most people find that having a root canal is similar to having a filling done and, if they had a toothache prior to the procedure, they are relieved to find that it is gone with the removal of the infection. If you are nervous about having a root canal, we can set your mind at ease to help you have a comfortable, pain-free experience in our office.

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Saving Teeth with Endodontics

No artificial crown, dental implant or other prosthesis can ever measure up to the strength, function and aesthetic qualities of your natural tooth. Best practices in dentistry are to save teeth rather than extract them whenever possible, and it is through the process of endodontics that damaged teeth are saved.

Reasons for Root Canal Therapy:

  • Severe Tooth Decay – where the decay is extensive, in or approaching the root system.
  • Fractured Teeth – any fracture in the tooth is an invitation for bacteria to enter the root areas and cause infection, eventually compromising the entire tooth.
  • Dead Nerves – this is a sure sign that extensive damage has been done to the tooth roots.
  • Infections and Abscesses – abscessed teeth have infected roots, and only a thorough root canal treatment can save the tooth at this point.

Symptoms of Tooth Infections:

  • Pain, swelling or redness around tooth
  • Darkening of the tooth (discoloration)
  • Pain while chewing
  • Toothache
  • Sensitivity

If you have any of these signs of infection in your mouth, give us a call at Olympia Office Phone Number 360-459-3636 – the sooner you are seen by a professional, the more likely you will be able to save your tooth.

Root Canal Procedure: What’s It Like?

First, the tooth will be anesthetized. Once it is numb, a dental dam will be placed over the tooth to isolate it. Next, we will make an opening in the crown of the tooth and clean the infected pulp out of the chamber. The chamber is then filled and a filling or temporary crown is placed on top to protect the area. The procedure doesn’t take much longer than a filling, and you will be just as comfortable. The final crown will be restored by your general dentist.

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Endodontic Presentation

To provide you with a better understanding of endodontic therapy, we have provided the following multimedia presentation. Many common questions pertaining to root canals are discussed.

Endodontic Presentation

The Cost of Root Canal Therapy

The cost of your root canal will vary based on the amount of damage to your tooth and your insurance benefits. Keep in mind that endodontic treatment is healthier, less painful and far less expensive than extraction and tooth replacement.

Ultimately, we are here to ease your fears about root canal therapy – please don’t hesitate to reach out for information.

New Patient? Please visit our Endodontic FAQ page for more information.

Post-Op? Please see our surgical instructions page and call us with any concerns you may have at Olympia Office Phone Number 360-459-3636.

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Patient Review By Jeff O

Absolutely Amazing service. For someone very uncomfortable with the dentist visits, this was like going to the candy store. They where more into my health than the money. Great staff, very caring...from the front office back. I very much appreciate you all! Thank you Jeff Olive

- Jeff O

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Patient Review By Amanda H

My experience with Dr. Goerig and his staff was absolutely amazing. I am always anxious when coming to the dentist - and especially when I need a "root canal." I didn't feel any pain and was comfortable and relaxed during the entire procedure. I would highly recommend this office for people who have anxiety/fear about dentists.

- Amanda H

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Patient Review By Laurie R

Dr. Goerig and his assistants were wonderful. Made me feel very relaxed and at ease. They were very happy to answer any questions and happy to explain what they would be doing. Would highly recommend!

- Laurie R

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Patient Review By Devin C

Very nice, made sure i was in no pain at all

- Devin C

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Patient Review By Vicki S


- Vicki S

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Patient Review By Mackenzie J

Fastest root canal I've ever had done. No discomfort at all.

- Mackenzie J

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Patient Review By Sean M

My procedure was went great. They took their time while being efficient and provided a very friendly environment while doing so.

- Sean M

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Patient Review By Terry Schumacher M

I was amazed at the speed and accuracy of the Doctor. Very professional work.

- Terry Schumacher M

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Patient Review By Erik N

Very quick, painless procedure. Great comedic relief as a bonus.

- Erik N

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Patient Review By Holly K

Very pleased with my experience at this office. Reception was helpful, competent, and very pleasant to interact with. The dentist and assistant were extremely competent, took very good care of my pain progress, and quickly controlled my dental problem and put the fix on. I would highly recommend anyone looking for this service to look here first.

- Holly K

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Patient Review By stacy

Dr. David Goerig is exceptional. His bedside manner is calming and soothing. He listens to his patients and provides excellent information regarding the procedure. He was very efficient and an excellent Endodontist. I highly recommend Dr. Goerig.

- stacy

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review By Jill K

Absolutely amazing experience from the first phone call. Everyone was so professional, so nice and so accommodating. Their COVID procedures are fantastic and put you very at ease. The actual procedure was quick and painless.

- Jill K

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Patient Review By Susan S

Everyone I met in the office was friendly, helpful, and very competent. Jimmy is especially nice. Dr. Behnen explained the procedure thoroughly and was aware of my comfort throughout the process.

- Susan S

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Patient Review By Vincent S

I was very apprehensive about having a root canal, and had a bad experience with a local endodontist (that is less than 100 yards away). Today's experience was a positive one, and am very thankful for the care and explanations of what was going to occur today. I felt very little pain, and any pain I felt was attended to IMMEDIATELY. My care from scheduling, to reception, to x-ray, to my actual procedure were top notch. I am very glad that my dentist referred me here, and I will recommend this office, Kabrena, and Dr. David Goerig to anyone I know in need of endodontics. As pleasant of an experience as I could ever ask for when doing something that I dread. Thank you N.E.S. for making this such an easy, informative, and painless experience.

- Vincent S

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Review By Diana R

Both Dr. Behnen and Hannah were fantastic. They put me at ease and made sure I understood what was going to be done at the beginning of the procedure as well as during it. Great Staff also. Thank you

- Diana R

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Patient Review By cherese h

They were very friendly and informative. they made sure that I was comfortable and calm.

- cherese h

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Patient Review By Ida Eardley E

Super service and the doctor was very good and I would do it again in a heart beat. Thank you so much to the doctor and to all who helped me.

- Ida Eardley E

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Patient Review By Sawir Y

The procedure only took about 35 minute for the root canal, and it's painless and very friendly procedure.

- Sawir Y

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Patient Review By Loreen D

Very pleasant office, friendly staff, doctor was awesome, he let me know what he was doing, he seemed quick and sure of himself. Very comfortable experience

- Loreen D

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Patient Review By amy a

great service! first time I have ever fallen asleep during a procedure. Dr. Goering and Stefanie made me feel at ease! Everyone in the office is so nice and welcoming too!

- amy a

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