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What Makes Us Different

Our goal at Northwest endodontic specialists is to please both you and your patients. We continually reinforce and emphasize your integrity and value as the case leader. They will return to you with a new appreciation of your care. Five-star customer service is the Hallmark of our office. We strive to make every patient visit pleasant, fun in an uplifting environment.

Our policy for your emergency patients is, “Send them right over” and complete almost all cases in one appointment so they can get back to you quickly to complete their restorative treatment.

We will not do the treatment without a commitment from the patient to come back to you for the complete restoration. (We’ll fail in our treatment if the tooth is not restored.)

We focus on the patient’s comfort and painless procedure for your patients. For your very apprehensive patients we have available nitrous oxide in each offertory and are trained in conscious sedation for those patients that need additional sedation.

We use the most updated dental technology. We have been using digital radiography’s since 1992, operating microscopes since 1993 and 3D Cone Beam Computer Tomography (CBCT) since 2007. The surgical microscope and microsurgical instruments allow us to be more precise than ever before, advancing our already high rate of success in Endodontics. We use the CBCT scan on the majority of our patients to produces high-resolution, precise images that enable us to make more informed diagnoses and better identify areas that are in need of treatment. Most of these scans are done that no fee. As a service to our referring offices, we will do a free CBCT scan for your patients are needing dental implants.

Our fees are fair, reasonable and affordable. We are committed to finding the right payment option to meet your patient’s budget. We will bend over backward for your patients who are serious about saving their teeth.

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